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Tradition and a fresh look are combined to offer you delicately prepared dishes with the best ingredients.
Additionally, we offer every day special dishes with seasonal products


Russian Salad, Sea Urchin Pie, Angler Fish and King Prawn Salad, Croquettes ...

Russian Salad4,75 €

Sea Urchin Pie8,10 €

Angler Fish and King Prawn Salad9,90 €

Croquettes8,00 €

Cured Meats and Cheeses

Iberian acorn-fed Ham, Iberian Chorizo, Spicy Chorizo, Semi-cured Cheese, Galician Tetilla Cheese ...

Iberian acorn-fed Ham 15,20 € / 25,00 €

Iberian Chorizo4,90 € / 8,50 €

Spicy Chorizo3,90 € / 6,00 €

Semi-cured Cheese4,50 € / 7,90 €

Galician Tetilla Cheese3,80 € / 6,90 €


House Salad, Vegetarian Salad, Vegetable Hearts Salad ...

House Salad7.00 €

Vegetarian Salad7.95 €

Vegetable Hearts Salad7.50 €


Sirloin Skewers, Ox Entrecôte, Lamb Cutlets ...

Sirloin Skewers16,90 €

Ox Entrecôte19,90 €

Lamb Cutlets17,75 €


Monkfish and King Prawn Skewers, Sole Skewers, Scallop and Bacon Skewers, Sole Fillet in a Sea Urchin Sauce ...

Monkfish and King Prawn Skewers16,90€

Sole Skewers, Scallop and Bacon Skewers19.50 €

Sole Fillet in a Sea Urchin Sauce19.50 €

Galician-style or Grilled Octopus20 €

Grilled Calamari6.95 €


Grilled Scallops, Garlic Prawns, Steamed Cockles, Steamed or Vinaigrette Mussels ...

Grilled Scallops12.95€

Garlic Prawns9.75 €

Steamed Cockles12.95 €

Steamed or Vinaigrette Mussels5.75 €

Grilled Razor Clams12.70 €

Scrambles and Tortillas

Mushroom, Salmon and Prawn Scramble, Mushroom and King Prawn Scramble, Sea Urchin and Tetilla Cheese Scramble ...

Mushroom, Salmon and Prawn Scramble8.90 €

Mushroom and King Prawn Scramble8.20 €

Sea Urchin and Tetilla Cheese Scramble10.90 €

Turnip Greens Scramble, Salmon and Tetilla Scramble9.00 €

Small/Medium/Large Tortilla5.25 € | 6.50€ | 7.50€


Tatín Cake, Granny's Cake, Three-Chocolate Cake, Cheese Cake, Lemon Mousse with Meringue ...

Tatín Cake4.25 €

Granny's Cake4.25 €

Three-Chocolate Cake4.25 €

Cheese Cake4.25 €

Lemon Mousse with Meringue4.25 €

Bread Pudding, Red Berry Fruits, Meringue4.25 €

Ice Creams4.25 €

* Special dishes.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.
* Take away is available, depending on kitchen suitability.